Štukatérství Vintr, Tábor ahoj

Štukatérství Vintr – Venetian stucco


The Venetian stucco is luxurious Italien technology. Your interiors obtain purely original tinge and character with that surface technology. Origin of Venetian stucco came from the time of Roman Empire. In those days wealthy patricians decorated their pretentious palaces with that. It was very appreciated not only for extraordinary design but also for its practical advantages. Venetian stucco is used as final luxurious adjustment of interior surfaces. It is suitable for office buildings, administrative centers and also for family houses and modern apartments. Frequently it is used in the halls and corridors, staircases, kitchens, bathrooms, also on the walls of living rooms. Wherever you want obtain the original luxurious appearance. We have a variety shades of Venetian stucco. From very quiet up to brilliant colours for modern interiors. The price of Venetian stucco starts on 700 CZK/1 m2.

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