Štukatérství Vintr, Tábor ahoj

We make the gypsum profiles and cavettos with traditional technology developed in Italy at the age of baroque. This traditional way of processing is characterized by the fine detail and perfect luxurious appearance. It has long-standing durability and provides an art impression also for future generations. Therefore we do not use materials such as polystyrene the durability of which is much shorter. You can choose of gypsum profile sample list or to design your own profile that we will make and fix in your interior by professional artisans.

We are looking forward to your interesting order.

Price list and basic types of profiles


1) Customer’s design of stucco decoration


2) Creating of the pattern according to customer’s design


3) The pattern according to customer’s design and the profile drawing


4) The pattern according to customer’s design and the profile drawing


5) The rosette drawn according to customer’s design


6) Gypsum profile corner detail


7) Fixed rosette with the gypsum profile according to customer’s design